Rava Kesari

Wow, I am super elated for two reasons. One, I have hit the century mark in food blogging, yes, this is my 100th post. Second being my success in an examination that I recently gave. I didn’t realize that I had reached the 100th mark until I sat down to do the next post. And, just in time for the celebration, came the much awaited exam results. To make this occasion special, I quickly whipped up the Rava Kesari as a token of thanks and love to my family and friends for encouraging me and my journey in the food blogging world.

Rava Kesari

‘Rava Kesari’ is one of the easiest sweet that can be made in a jiffy. This was the most frequently sweet whipped at my parents’ home be it on a festival day or a family member’s birthday or when we had unexpected guests at home. I am sure that Rava Kesari would be the most sought after and easy sweet churned out in the majority of the South Indian households. I learnt this recipe from my Periyamma (Aunt) who makes excellent Kesari. Her Kesari, be it plain or Pineapple are to die for. Ours being a joint family, Kesari was always prepared in huge quantity for the entire family in a very big kadai, which was used only for preparing this yummy sweet. I used to love this sweet for its bright orange color and the sheen that would be so inviting. A spoon of this delicacy and a bite of the crunchy Medhu Vada used to be my favorite snack on any festival day.

I always try to recreate the Rava Kesari like the ones she makes, shiny, non-sticky with the perfect sweetness and of course with very less ghee. After few trials and errors, I have hit the mark closely like the one my Periyamma makes and here it is the “Rava Kesari”, simple and yummy sweet.

Rava Kesari


Rava – ½ cup
Sugar – ½ cup
Water – 2 ½ cups
Ghee – 3 tbps
Cardamom powder – ½ tsp
Cashews – 12-15
Kesari (Orange) food color – 5 to 6 drops or as needed


Prep time – 5 mins
Cook time – 25 mins
Total time – 30 mins
Serves 4-5

  1. Heat 1 ½ tbsps of ghee in a pan. Fry the cashews in low-medium flame and set them aside.
  2. Add rava to the ghee left over in the pan. Roast the rava well for 4-5 mins until nice aroma emanates. Transfer the rava to a plate and set aside until further use. Take care not to burn the rava while roasting. Always keep the flame in low-medium.
  3. Add 2 ½ cups of water to the same pan along with food color (as needed). Let the water come to a rolling boil.
  4. Add the roasted rava to the boiling water while stirring continuously with a ladle. Stir well so that no lumps are formed and the rava gets cooked well. Also, take caution while adding rava and stirring as the water may splutter.
  5. Cover with a lid and cook for 6-7 mins or until the rava is cooked and becomes soft.
  6. At this stage, add sugar and cardamom powder to the rava and mix well until the sugar is dissolved completely. Now the mixture will become watery. Keep stirring for another 4-5 mins. Add the remaining ghee and fried cashews. Mix well and switch off the flame after 2 mins. Let it rest for 5 mins and it is ready to be served.

Serve the Rava Kesari warm to your loved ones and enjoy!!

Rava Kesari


  1. While roasting the rava, you need not roast it to golden brown. You can roast until nice aroma emanates.
  2. I used a non-stick pan for making the Kesari, you can use any ordinary pan too.
  3. I used ½ cup of sugar, sweetness of which was perfect for my family. You can increase or decrease the sugar quantity to suit your taste. For ½ cup of rava, you can add from ½ cup to ¾ th cup of sugar.
  4. I usually stock cardamom powder, so used it. You can crush 2-3 pods of cardamom and use it.
  5. Before switching off the flame, to check if Kesari is cooked and you have got the right consistency or not, touch the Kesari with your fingers. It should not stick to your fingers. This is the right consistency. You can switch off the flame and transfer to a serving bowl or to a greased plate. Also, one more way to check is if using a non-stick pan, after transferring the Kesari to a bowl or a greased plate, your pan would be clean.
  6. If the Kesari is sticky, cook it for another 2 mins.
  7. You can grease a plate or tray with a tsp of ghee and spread the Kesari and leave if for 10 to 15 mins. After 10 mins, you can either cut in diamonds or squares or any other desired shape. Decorate with roasted cashews and serve.
  8. Rava Kesari will thicken as it cools. While serving you can heat it slightly. Just before serving, you can drizzle little melted ghee over the Kesari and then serve.