Chilli Garlic Coriander Fried Rice

Chilli Garlic Coriander Fried Rice is an easy to prepare dish. It can be prepared in a jiffy and with the ingredients easily available in our pantry. I prepare this fried rice whenever my family prefers to have something Chinese and I do not want to spend much time in cooking. This dish does not involve any major chopping but with the goodness and freshness of garlic, red and green chillies and coriander makes this fried rice very tasty and interesting to our palate.

Chilli Garlic Coriander Fried Rice

I came across Chilli Garlic Coriander Fried Rice recipe in one of the editions of Cooking and More magazines by Tarla Dalal few years back. Since then I have been making this dish regularly by making few changes to suit the taste buds of my family. It’s my family’s favorite and they enjoy this fried rice any time of the day. It involves very less ingredients and can be prepared in less than 10 minutes if the ingredients are kept readily. This fried rice tastes good on its own too with hints of soya sauce, garlic, chillies and coriander. I sometimes serve this yummy fried rice with a Vegetable Manchurian or keep it simple and serve with some tomato ketchup.



Cooked Basmati Rice/Leftover Rice – 2 cups
Green chilli – 2
Red chilli – 2
Garlic – 1 big pod
Soya Sauce – 1 tbsp or as needed
Olive Oil or Cooking Oil – 1-2 tsps
Coriander leaves – ½ cup
Salt to taste


Preparation time – 10 mins
Cooking time – 5 mins
Total time – 15 mins
Serves 3 people

  1. Finely chop garlic, chillies (green and red) and coriander leaves.
  2. Heat oil in a pan; add the garlic, sauté for few seconds on high flame.
  3. Add the red and green chillies and sauté for a few seconds.
  4. Add the cooked rice, soya sauce, salt and finely chopped coriander leaves.
  5. Toss well and cook on a high flame for 3 to 4 minutes, while stirring occasionally.
  6. Serve hot with Manchurian or Chinese sauce based dish or any Chinese soup.

You can also enjoy it plain or just like the way we did. We relished ours with tomato ketchup.

Chilli Garlic Coriander Fried Rice


  1. Chilli Garlic Coriander Fried Rice can be prepared with any long grained rice too that is cooked al dente. I sometimes use the normal raw rice too when I run out of Basmati Rice.
  2. You can use leftover or fresh cooked rice. I normally leave the rice inside the refrigerator for some time and then use it.
  3. For variation, you can add finely shredded carrot or cabbage.
  4. The quantity of chillies used above gives mildly spiced fried rice. If you like it spicier, you can increase the number of chillies used.
  5. Soya sauce already contains salt, hence add salt accordingly.
  6. To get the smoky flavor in the rice, I keep the gas flame in high while making the fried rice and also ensure that I stir continuously.