Mosambi Juice (Sathukudi Juice or Sweet Lime Juice)

Mosambi or Sathukudi, also known as the sweet lime is a citrus fruit that has both sweet and sour taste. Mosambi juice is a refreshing juice that really rejuvenates one after sweating out in the hot sun or real tired outing during the summers. It is my family’s favorite juice, that is delicious and thirst quenching any time of the day

Mosambi Juice

My daughter is a juice and fruit lover. She loves them so much that she can skip food for an entire day and just live on eating whole fruits and juices. Even during our outings to a restaurant, her first order is always a juice. Though eating a whole fruit is always considered better, knowing about her love for juices, I always ensure she has freshly squeezed juices that are home made. Juices of lemon, orange or sweet limes are frequently made at our home.

Amongst all the juices, Mosambi or Sathukudi juice is her favorite. Whenever she wants to have it, I cut 3-4 sweet limes and squeeze out fresh juice manually using a citrus juice squeezer. In case, I prepare for my entire family, I use the centrifugal juicer attachment of my food processor, which does a clean job.

Depending on the sweetness of the fruit, I add palm candy or sugar to make it yummier.

At times, based on the availability, I do prepare a mocktail by combining orange or mosambi or lemon.

This is an easy to make juice that is simple to make at home, yummy, healthy and hygienic and also can be prepared in less than 10 mins. Doctors do recommend this fruit juice for those who are convalescing and also for infants above eight months.

Health Benefits

Mosambi is a fruit from the citrus family. When consumed regularly, it is said to increase one’s immunity. Its intake is also good for healthy skin and hair. Due to high fiber content, it is beneficial to those suffering from gastrointestinal problem and constipation. When consumed regularly, it aids digestion and also weight loss. Mosambi or sweet lime is also a rich source of Vitamin C and is said to prevent Scurvy disease. Its juice is used in preventing and treating dehydration.


Mosambi or Sathukudi or Sweet Lime – 3 or 4 depending on the size
Water as needed
Sugar or Palm Candy to taste


Preparation Time – 10 mins
Serves one person (200 ml of juice)

  1. Wash the sweet limes and pat them dry. Cut them into two halves. Using a citrus juice squeezer, extract the juice.
  2. Add water to dilute the juice, if needed.
  3. Add sugar or palm candy to the extracted juice for extra sweetness.
  4. Pour on the squeezed juice into a serving glass.
  5. Top with ice cubes and serve chilled.

Mosambi Juice


  1. Mosambi juice always needs to be had fresh as leaving it for some time may turn the juice bitter and may not taste good.
  2. If needed, you can dilute the juice adding little water. I normally add around ¼ cup (50ml) of water to 175 ml of juice squeezed out of 4 sweet limes.
  3. I strain the juice as my kids prefer having their juices without the pulp.
  4. Adding sugar or honey or palm candy is purely optional. You can either skip or increase or decrease it to taste your taste buds.
  5. You can also add a pinch of amchur or kala namak for extra flavor.