Fresh Lime Soda or Fresh Sweet Lime Soda

Fresh Lime Soda is a light and refreshing drink during the scorching summers. Fresh Lime Soda is made either sweet or salty. Fresh Lime Soda – sweet or salty acts as an appetizer and can be had either before or along with the food.

Fresh Lime Soda

The heat is becoming unbearable here and all we want is something soothing to drink. I normally make lemonade to beat the summer heat but once in a while make this Fresh Lime Soda to satiate our craving for aerated drinks. While ordering Sweet Fresh Lime Soda or Fresh Lime Soda in restaurants, the order is typically served with lemon juice in a tall glass along with sugar syrup and chilled soda. Whenever I make it at home, I try to recreate and serve the same way.

This is one of the easy drinks that can be prepared in a jiffy when you have guests at home too. With just three ingredients, your drink to beat the summer heat is ready.


Lime Juice from 2 lemons
Sugar – 4 tsps or as needed (I used about 40 ml of sugar syrup)
Chilled soda – 300 ml
Water – less than ¼ of a cup
Lemon wedges to garnish (Optional)
Mint leaves few (Optional)
Ice cubes (Optional)


Preparation time – 5 mins
Total time – 5 mins
Serves 2 people

  1. Squeeze the lemons by cutting into halves and extract juices without any seeds and pulp.
  2. In a glass, combine lemon juice, little water and sugar. Stir well until sugar dissolves. As I used sugar syrup, I did not use water and mixed the juice and syrup.
  3. Add ice cubes, mint leaves and lemon wedges (if using) and just before serving, pour chilled soda and serve immediately.

Fresh Lime Soda


  1. I normally store sugar syrup in the refrigerator, which comes handy while preparing juices. For preparing sugar syrup, I combine equal quantity of sugar and water. Once sugar is dissolved, heat the mixture for 6-7 mins on medium flame. Cool it and store it in the fridge and use. I prepare and consume it with in a week.
  2. For preparing Masala Fresh Lime Soda, add ¼ tsp of cumin powder and black salt and a pinch of salt along with sugar.
  3. If preparing in large quantity, mix everything except soda in a bowl and then pour the mixture into serving glasses and then add chilled soda just before serving. Otherwise soda will lose its fizz.
  4. I did not use any ice cubes while preparing and used chilled soda only.

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  1. Apr 11, 2016 at 8:17 pm

    lime soda is my favorite drink…

    • Deepa
      Apr 12, 2016 at 5:09 am

      Thanks Vani. Its my favorite too.

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