Cabbage Sambar

Cabbage Sambar

Sambar is lentil based stew made either with one or in combination with two or more vegetables. It is an indispensable dish in a South Indian meal. Variety of Sambar with different veggies is prepared in South Indian households on…

Idli Seeralam

Idli Seeralam

Idli Seeralam is an easy and quick to make snack with leftover idlis. Leftover idlis are cubed; sautéed along with tempered onion-tomato mixture and spice powders.

Carrot Puttu

Carrot Puttu is a South Indian side dish made by sautéing grated carrots with onion, green chillies and garlic and finally adding powdered butana dal or pottukadalai or roasted gram.

Kovakkai Poriyal

Today’s recipe, Kovakkai Poriyal is another easy to prepare side dish with Ivy Gourd or Kovakkai or Tondli. With kovakkai as the star ingredient, this poriyal can be prepared in a jiffy. Though prepared in a South Indian style, this…

Ratlami Sev or Spicy Sev

Ratlami Sev is a very famous deep fried snack made with gram flour, clove, pepper and other spices. This is a speciality from Ratlam, a place in Madhya Pradesh. I wanted to share the spicy and crunchy Ratlami Sev as…

Poondu Murukku or Garlic Murukku

Poondu Murukku

Poondu Murruku or Garlic Murukku is a garlicky flavored South Indian style deep fried snack made with rice and gram flour. Poondu Murukku or the Garlic Murukku is a very easy to make tasty snack, quick to whip and involves…

Thakkali Soup or Tomato Soup

Thakkali Soup is dish that is healthy and frequently made in our household. Thakkali Soup or Tomato Clear Soup is a favorite of mine and my kids, which I learnt from my mom. Though soups are normally had as an…