Hi, Thanks for visiting our site and wanting to know about the evolution of ScoopOfTidbits. I am Deepa Suresh and proud mother of twins – a girl and a boy.

With two kids to take care of, I decided that I would be a better candidate to stay at home and take care of the kids’ needs. Hence, quit IT and, now I hold a full time job of being a stay-at-home mom and my husband still frying his brain in the IT industry.

Our talks on a daily basis revolve around kids, family, cooking, cars, things and places. We felt that it would be a good idea to capture our discussion, cooking trials in writing. Hence, was born the idea of having our own website to capture them and thus began evolution of “ScoopOfTidbits”.

My cooking journey began during my school days. I first toasted my own bread in a Tava while I was in my 4th standard and since then I have always been interested in cooking and eating good food. My grandmother (dad’s mom) was an excellent cook. She was very active and would spend very less time in the kitchen whipping out delicious food in just matter of few minutes be it for 2 people or 20 people. Her dishes were to die for. The taste of her preparations still lingers in my mouth even though she is no more. Whenever I prepare something, my dad used to always feel and mention that it tasted just like the way his mom (my grandmother) prepares. That was the motivating factor, which ignited the passion in me to cook good food. Think the cooking genes in her were passed on to me. Family, friends and relatives would always praise my cooking skills. Also, my ex-colleagues used to eagerly wait for lunch time to relish the rice varieties I used to carry for lunch. Being a South Indian, I was famous among my friends for my rice preparations. One of my friends used to mention that I had a lucrative career if I quit IT someday – I can sell my rice varieties.

Thus, ScoopOfTidbits.com would largely contain scoops of my cooking experiments, thoughts, reviews, our travels/drives, and also scoops of my husband’s interest in finance, reviews and interesting tidbits of this and that revolving in our daily life.
We hope you enjoy your time at ScoopofTidbits!!

Have any queries or suggestions; please feel free to write to us at info@scoopoftidbits.com. Would love to hear from you!